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About Us

Donated in 2023

Beating our record of $129,500 Donated in 2022. 
Thank you ALL DONORS & SHOPPERS! Please see the list of neighboorhood charities we support below

STORYTIME:  In 2001, our young family chose to roll the dice on an existing Thrift Store on Granville and Drake in downtown Vancouver. Built in 1917, the building was originally 'Dixon's Motors'--a 7,000 square foot showroom that proudly displayed Model T Fords along Granville and offered a drive-in garage for 'Parts and Service' on Drake.


Fast forward to 1997... (and several incarnations later) ...a Thrift Store was born.  


Originally supporting the Widlife Rescue Association in Burnaby, once we tookover, it did not take long to decide who we wanted to benefit instead: customers who came in daily and relied on us for basic needs. As a privately owned, for-profit business, it became paramount that in order for us to succeed, we needed to support chartities closest to our hearts.

Therefore, we help people in our neighbourhood experiencing mental health and poverty issues, addiction and especially, those experiencing homelessness.

We make regular quarterly donations to Coast Mental Health, The Gathering Place, Greater Vancouver Food Bank, Food Banks and Meal Hubs in Marpole and have an ongoing partnership with Covenant House in both Vancouver and now Toronto whereby they channel items donated to us and we supply them with goods on-demand as well as giving them funds.

By receiving and recycling goods all day every day (10 hours/day; 7 days/week) we are not only granted the privilege of being able to give back to our Community, but we are giving items a 2nd life, all while helping preserve our planet.

In 2022 we opened a 2nd Flagship store in downtown Toronto and have been overwhelmingly embraced by that city too. 


We are forever grateful for the ongoing support that allows our business to grow and give more to our Charities every single year.  Thank you Vancouver for over 23 years of success and thank you Toronto for allowing us to do the same in your exciting, vibrant city. We know you have a choice who you decide to we thank you for choosing us.

$129, 500 DONATED IN 2022...A NEW RECORD

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